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China Stole Secrets For One Of Their Favorite Fighter Planes from the USA

When similarities are striking, suspicions arise. China proudly flaunts its J-20 Mighty Dragon fighter, but some argue that its design may not be entirely original – that certain technological elements might have been acquired through cyber espionage.

A noticeable resemblance between the J-20 and the F-35 becomes apparent upon closer inspection, particularly in the frontal section of the aircraft.

In 2007, renowned whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked documents suggesting that Lockheed Martin was aware of a data breach related to the F-35, implicating Chinese hackers. Subsequently, years later, there were reports of Chinese cyber activities targeting an Australian defense contractor associated with the F-35 program.

These illicit endeavors allegedly resulted in the theft of sensitive information regarding the American stealth fighter, with hacking codes linked to Chinese cyber operations.

Australia Falls Victim

During this period, Australian media extensively covered the alleged cyber intrusion, raising concerns about the compromised security of F-35 technology and its potential influence on the development of China’s J-20 Mighty Dragon.

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