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Chinese police broke into the home of a human rights defender and tortured him to death!

Security officers entered the journalist’s home on November 17, 2023, and killed him. Those who oppose this act are also confronted by intimidating police officers.

Relatives and friends demanding the Nanjing CCP authorities and police to disclose a comprehensive report on dissident journalist Sun Lin’s death face ongoing intimidation and threats.

On November 17, National Security officers from Nanjing Xuanwu Branch forcefully entered Sun Lin’s residence around midday. Witnesses heard sounds of altercation and property damage. Two hours later, an ambulance transported Sun Lin to Jiangsu Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, where his death was officially recorded in the evening.

Born in 1955, Sun Lin, according to his relatives, enjoyed good health and had recently undergone a thorough medical examination with positive results. They refute the notion of his demise being due to natural causes, firmly believing he was killed by law enforcement.

Sun Lin, a well-known dissident in Nanjing, transitioned from working as a journalist in government-controlled media to engaging in self-produced magazines, video channels, and dissenting media abroad. He relentlessly championed human rights and democracy.

In 2008, he was arrested and sentenced to four years in prison. Following his release in 2012, he was detained again in 2013 for documenting protests supporting Zhang Anni, a 10-year-old girl barred from attending school due to her father Zhang Lin’s prominent dissenting stance.

Re-arrested in 2016 for expressing views on the Communist Party’s aversion to democracy, Sun Lin received another four-year prison sentence.

Despite attempting to maintain a lower profile after his 2020 release, he publicly disclosed being subjected to beatings and drugging during his detention. On November 17, 2023, the CCP orchestrated his permanent removal.

Dissidents across China continue to voice opposition to Sun Lin’s assassination. Those sharing remarks on social media, swiftly deleted, face police visits warning of potential incarceration for further mentions or inquiries about Sun Lin.

This post is based on information from the magazine BITTER WINTER


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