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Chinese cyber attacks on crucial U.S. infrastructure and internet systems could not be repelled!

As intelligence agencies endeavour to remove Chinese cyber operatives embedded within crucial infrastructure and internet systems across the U.S., a prominent cybersecurity CEO warns that the hackers’ efforts are so extensive and pervasive that some victims of the operation may remain unaware of their impact.

“From my perspective, Volt Typhoon represents a natural evolution of China’s formidable cyber espionage capabilities,” remarked Kevin Mandia, CEO of Mandiant, a cybersecurity subsidiary of Google, during an interview with Nextgov/FCW at the Google Cloud Next conference.

The activities of the Volt Typhoon Chinese hacking collective have recently drawn sharp focus from national security officials and researchers. Concerns peaked during a January hearing, when intelligence community leaders noted that these operatives are positioning themselves within critical systems, ready to act upon orders from Beijing to disrupt or disable them should the U.S. engage in conflict with China.

Although recent U.S. efforts to hamper Volt Typhoon have slowed their operations, private sector analysis indicates that the identification of all victims targeted by the group remains ongoing. Mandia’s remarks highlight the extensive and proficient nature of China’s cyber warfare capabilities, positioning it as the foremost cyber adversary confronting the United States.

A recent whitepaper issued by the intelligence community stated that China and other leading adversaries of the United States have the capability and willingness to conduct cyberattacks with the aim of disrupting the electoral process for the November presidential election.




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