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China offers a $50,000 bounty for the murder of Australian citizens

China offers a $50,000 bounty for the murder of Australian citizens

Claiming a false bomb threat was orchestrated in his name by the Chinese regime and human rights activist Drew Pavlou found himself in the custody of London’s police, facing grave charges carrying a potential 12-year prison sentence.

Though Pavlou was no stranger to the idea that his protests might provoke the Chinese, he couldn’t fathom the dramatic lengths to which they would go.

For six arduous months following his arrest as a terror suspect, he braved a barrage of more than 40 threatening emails, which he traced back to a shadowy mercenary in the employ of the Chinese Communist Party.

These ominous messages included a chilling twist – a $50,000 reward dangling before anyone who would dare to abduct or murder him.

Drew’s mother, Vanessa, found herself embroiled in this harrowing saga as well, despite never having uttered a public word against the Chinese Communist Party.

The price on her head matched that of her son, and her reputation became a battleground.

A twisted plot took hold when a malicious email, laden with false accusations of running an illicit prostitution ring and drug addiction, circulated through the bustling shopping centers of Brisbane.

The vile intention behind this digital assault was clear: to dislodge Ms. Pavlou from her job at a retail outlet.

“I’m always looking over my shoulder,” shared Ms. Pavlou. “A simple walk to my car is now a constant awareness.”

Another individual entangled in the sinister tapestry of intimidating death threats is Australian political artist Badiucao.

He spent two decades in China before seeking refuge in Australia, earning the label of a state enemy through his art, which often casts the Chinese Communist leader, Xi Jinping, in a damning light.

Badiucao, renowned for his work, is under such intense pressure from Chinese authorities that local galleries in Australia refuse to display his pieces. In a move to safeguard his family in China, he painfully severed ties with them, as they endured the spotlight of targeting and interrogation by the Chinese authorities.

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