Unfortunately, many people still do not realize Communist China’s contempt and hatred towards democratic and dissident countries.

Because pictures say more than rambling articles and explanations, we created this page.

Most Cartoons and Articles are from the Communist Chinese Newspaper” Global Times”, and some are from the Chinese Newspaper “China Daily “.

Both magazines are affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party and thus practically represent the view of the Chinese government.

In order to illustrate the brutal, in most cases criminal behavior of communist China, we have also put articles on this site in addition to the cartoons

Let us be clear that we do not hate the Chinese people, who themselves are suffering under Xi Jinping’s regime.

However, Xi Jinping, with his brutality and hubris, is an extreme danger to the democracies in Asia, Europe, and the USA. With this page, we want to open the eyes of previously indifferent people.

Our other pages also serve this goal,

More information will be found at our website, FIGHT COMMUNIST CHINA